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It’s Happened!  And we’re still here!

  Posted by Carla Cicero , 02 February 2016 · 1,373 views

Yes!  It’s official. Your VertNet team is now a part of the iDigBio Data Mobilization Team and we’re cranking away at data publishing all of the vertebrates AND plants AND molluscs AND fungi AND any biological collection that we can find.

iDigBio has given VertNet a home for the next two years, and while we’re there, they’ve asked us to continue our current services with an expanded scope: all biological collections.  That means that everything we’ve learned in the execution of our previous successes is available to you and your collections.

The completion of the goals from our latest NSF grant (DBI-1062193) and supplement included the creation of a cloud-based web-portal that brought the four vertebrate portals (MaNIS, FishNet, ORNIS, and HerpNET into an integrated vertebrate-focussed portal, improved sustainability by reducing cost by an order of magnitude, expanded discoverability and reduced failure via a cloud-based architecture, pioneered the use of new data quality and publishing software, and doubled the number of collections eager to participate in the data-sharing community.

So, if you’ve been a part of the VertNet community over the years, all of these services and all of our expertise will continue for you as it has since 1999, only better.  The VertNet portal will continue, too, and we even expect to have some new and cool things to share in 2016.  Bottom line: just give us a call or send us an email and we’ll answer your questions, improve your data, and get your collections published to VertNet, iDigBio, GBIF, or any other portal.

If you’re not a part of a data publishing community yet, but want to move forward with publishing your data, give us a shout.  We’re happy to apply our years of experience to your cause, including data quality improvement, database organization, and data publication.

To find us, visit the VertNet Contact page or the iDigBio Directory and we’ll get back to you right away.


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