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Portal Usage Statistics Are (Almost) Back

  Posted by Carla Cicero , 06 December 2017 · 459 views

Thanks to the financial support of the Museum of Vertebrate Zoology at Berkeley, we have fixed the issues that were preventing us from logging the VertNet statistics of data use. Usage statistics are being collected once again.We are now working on the reporting and visualization of those stats, so that we can bring those back to the natural his...


Building a Zooarchaeology Network and the value of linked open data

  Posted by Carla Cicero , 12 December 2016 · 640 views

Many years ago, when we created the first vertebrate data portal, we quickly became aware that there are many differences across museum collections.  Some subtle, some glaring.  Each discipline, not just vertebrates, utilizes its own social and technical practices to record and preserve data.  And even within very similar types of collections, i...


New VertNet taxon-based snapshots are now available!

  Posted by Carla Cicero , 11 October 2016 · 642 views

We’ve got snapshots from 2015 and 2016, plus a new 2016 archive of Traits data available via CyVerse (formerly iPlant).  Moving forward, we’ll be using CyVerse for our DOI/ARK assignments and permanent archiving in the CyVerse Data Commons.CyVerse met all of our needs in terms of access and ease of use and more.  We know, too, that VertNet users...


Sizing Up the Improved VertNet Portal

  Posted by Carla Cicero , 26 September 2016 · 545 views

VertNet has released the single biggest change to the data portal since we launched VertNet in 2012. We want to tell you all about ALL of the new portal goodies, but first we want to highlight the newest portal feature: traits, specifically body length and body mass.Yes, you can now use VertNet to discover length and weight for millions of speci...


It’s Happened!  And we’re still here!

  Posted by Carla Cicero , 02 February 2016 · 1,409 views

Yes!  It’s official. Your VertNet team is now a part of the iDigBio Data Mobilization Team and we’re cranking away at data publishing all of the vertebrates AND plants AND molluscs AND fungi AND any biological collection that we can find.
iDigBio has given VertNet a home for the next two years, and while we’re there, they’ve asked us to cont...


The future of VertNet: A new beginning

  Posted by Carla Cicero , 20 October 2015 · 1,718 views

If VertNet was a member of the family Felidae, we’d be coming to the end of life #2.  Our first life began in 2008 when our ancestors, MaNIS, FishNet, HerpNET, and ORNIS, came together to find solutions to issues derived from aging technology and growing need.  At that time, the former National Biological information Infrastructure (NBII), a uni...


VertNet Portal: Now with new features and functions

  Posted by Carla Cicero , 12 October 2015 · 1,473 views

Huzzah!!  We’ve added new features and functions to the VertNet portal.  Many thanks to all of you for sharing your wants and needs in the portal.  These changes come directly from your feedback.  Here are some of the most important ones.
First, you’ll notice that there is a new landing page for the portal.  No more extra clicks to start you...


The (Data)ONE thing about VertNet and Big Data

  Posted by Carla Cicero , 08 April 2015 · 1,851 views

17,237,897*. That’s the number of occurrence records VertNet has published to the VertNet data portal - records from 193 data resources, containing 254 collections, shared by 82 publishers globally (and growing). All of these records are can be discovered and downloaded via our portal, with one exception; if you want to download ALL the records...


VertNet Springing Forward, Data and All

  Posted by Carla Cicero , 24 March 2015 · 1,617 views

Many years ago, we introduced the VertNet Project to you with a riddle: What’s small enough to fit in your pocket and big enough to capture whales?  Well in the four and half years we’ve been working with you we’ve managed to capture 70,428 Cetacea. Not only have we captured many thousands of whales, we’ve also made data available about millions...


Rev Up Your Research with the All New rvertnet

  Posted by Carla Cicero , 22 January 2015 · 879 views

After months up on cinder blocks in the VertNet garage, rvertnet has been completely restored and is ready for a test drive.  Strap on a helmet, kick the tires, and put this newly tricked-out r package through it’s paces.  We’ve retooled rvertnet to take advantage of the processing power of the new VertNet API.Take a look under the hood and you’...

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