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    Peregrine Fund offers digital access to full library

    Chris Merkord
    • The Peregrine Fund has made all holdings in its research library available to the all by offering to provide PDF copies of any reprint, article, book chapter or report for your one-time personal use.

    How would you like to have access to a library dedicated to ornithology that contains nearly 24,000 books, over 21,000 reprints and long, if not full, runs of most ornithological journals, as well as many other natural history titles?


    Well you do, no matter where you live! This library is located in Boise, Idaho (U.S.A.) and is part of the Peregrine Fund’s World Center for Birds of Prey. Thanks to the power of technology, the research library has made their holdings available to the entire world by offering to provide PDF copies of any reprint, article, book chapter or report held in their library for your one-time personal use. Here is the best part, they never charge for this service!


    To obtain a PDF copy of an item, simply email your request, including a full citation, to Meagan at library@peregrinefund.org.


    The Peregrine Fund has been offering this service for over ten years and have sent out an average of 1,200 PDFs each year to over 70 different countries.


    Along with this great collection of ornithological literature, there is also a website dedicated to the research of diurnal raptors called the Global Raptor Information Network (GRIN) that is an extension of this library.There you will find accounts for 332 species of raptors, information on zoogeographic regions, a bibliography specific to raptors that contains nearly 57,000 records and home pages for over 400 raptor researchers.This website has become the starting point for raptor research around the world and can be found at www.globalraptors.org.

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