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    Comments Solicited for Emerging Plan to Initiate SFO

    Ellen Paul
    • Feedback for the SFO planning committee:


      The new SFO planning committee is preparing the documents that will describe what the new organization is intended to be, what it will do, and how it will function. When drafts are available for comment, they will be posted here, and we hope you will join the discussion in this forum. The governance subcommittee has released a draft for comment and would like to have your feedback. Read more about it here and join the discussion.

    The SFO Governance Committee is interested in comments, ideas, questions people might have as we form the initial document to implement the Society for Ornithology. Thus, we are attaching a very preliminary document for your perusal, etc. Please indicate if you would like a response from the committee regarding your comments (i.e., PLEASE RESPOND) or if you are happy just posting the comment. Either way, we are striving to make the new society the best it can be and will welcome your input.


    The publications committee will also post their evolving document once they are further along in their discussions.


    Susan Haig


    NOTE FROM THE OE ADMINISTRATORS: We have not enabled comments on this article. Comments on this article should be posted in this new forum on SFO planning. You may continue to comment on other articles but we thought it best to keep comments on the SFO planning process and documents in one place to facilitate discussions and to make it easier for the SFO planning committee members to find your comments.

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