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Don Kroodsma receives Margaret Morse Nice Medal from WOS

Jun 10 2014 02:19 PM | Ellen Paul in Awards

The Margaret Morse Nice Medal Lecture is awarded annually to an individual who exemplifies her scientific curiosity, creativity and insight, her concern for the education of young and amateur ornithologists, and her leadership as an innovator and mentor. This year’s recipient of the Margaret Morse Nice Medal - Don Kroodsma - personifies these characteristics … The Wilson Ornithological Society recognizes Don for his lifetime of outstanding work on bird song.

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AFO's Skutch Medal awarded to Jim Wiley

Jun 03 2014 09:05 AM | Ellen Paul in Awards

The Association of Field Ornithologists Alexander F. Skutch Award for Excellence in Neotropical Ornithology is awarded periodically to a deserving ornithologist nominated by peers and selected by the Skutch Medal committee of the AFO. This year the award was presented to James W. Wiley.

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Pablo Toledo-Monsonis wins 2013 Skutch Award to study Agami Herons in Peru

Dec 04 2013 08:23 PM | Dan Lambert in Awards

The Association of Field Ornithologists is pleased to announce that Pablo Toledo-Monsonis, has received the 2013 Skutch Award to carry out a study on the status and reproductive success of an Agami heron colony at Lake Cocacocha in Peru. The AFO’s Pamela and Alexander F. Skutch Research Award is intended to support the study of life histories, especially social relations and reproduction, of little known birds of the continental Neotropics.

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Kevin G. McCracken named Kushlan Chair in Waterbird Biology and Conservation

Sep 25 2013 08:00 AM | Chris Merkord in Awards

Evolutionary geneticist Kevin G. McCracken has been named the inaugural Kushlan Chair in Waterbird Biology and Conservation at the University of Miami.

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Sandra L. Vehrencamp: 2011 recipient of the William Brewster Memorial Award

Dec 15 2011 11:29 AM | Scott Gillihan in Awards

The 2011 William Brewster Memorial Award is presented to Sandra L. Verhencamp. Dr. Vehrencamp is a behavioral ecologist who studies social evolution in birds. Her research integrates the evolution of social behavior, life history evolution, signal evolution, sexual selection, and parental care.

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Timothy Birkhead: 2011 recipient of the Elliott Coues Award

Dec 15 2011 11:23 AM | Scott Gillihan in Awards

The 2011 Elliott Coues Award is presented to Timothy Birkhead for his outstanding contributions to ornithology through his pioneering work on sperm competition and post-copulatory sexual selection in birds, his long term studies of seabirds, magpies and zebra finches, and his many books about birds written for both professional and lay audiences. Dr. Birkhead is a British behavioral ecologist who studies promiscuity and sperm competition in birds. His work has helped to re-shape our understanding of avian mating systems, and his unique combination of studies focusing on both free-living and captive birds has done much to shape modern ornithology.

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W. Alice Boyle: 2011 recipient of the Ned K. Johnson Young Investigator Award

Dec 15 2011 11:20 AM | Scott Gillihan in Awards

The 2011 Ned K. Johnson Young Investigator Award goes to Dr. W. Alice Boyle for her exciting and original work on the evolution and ecology of migration in birds. In her short career, she has made significant contributions to our understanding of the evolution of long-distance and altitudinal migration. Dr. Boyle is a Research Associate in the Centre for Applied Conservation Biology, Department of Forest Sciences - University of British Columbia, British Columbia, Canada. She has held post-doctoral fellowships in the Department of Biology at the University of Western Ontario where she has worked with Dr. Chris Guglielmo and Dr. Ryan Norris, another Ned K. Johnson Award winner (2006).

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Robert S. Ridgely: 2011 recipient of the Ralph W. Schreiber Conservation Award

Dec 15 2011 11:16 AM | Scott Gillihan in Awards

The 2011 Ralph W. Schreiber Conservation Award goes to Dr. Robert S. Ridgely for his outstanding contribution to the conservation of South American birds. Throughout his career Dr. Ridgely has made significant contributions to the taxonomy and biology of South American birds and has made such information accessible to the public and researchers through his books. His field guides and technical volumes provide important resources to enhance ecotourism (for birds), an important adjunct to conservation. However, it is his hands on efforts to preserve and protect critical habitat for rare species in Ecuador that serve as a model for bird protection.

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John W. Fitzpatrick: 2011 recipient of the Marion Jenkinson AOU Service Award

Dec 15 2011 11:13 AM | John Faaborg in Awards

One of the most accomplished ornithologists in North America and one of our most dedicated members, John W Fitzpatrick’s (“Fitz”) record of service to the American Ornithologists’ Union, his professional home society, has been exemplary. With greatest appreciation for his outstanding contributions to the AOU, the Executive Committee proudly chose John Fitzpatrick as the 2011 recipient of the Marion Jenkinson Service Award.

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Jed Burtt Named Ohio Professor of the Year

Nov 17 2011 08:57 AM | Scott Gillihan in Awards

The Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching and the Council for Advancement and Support of Education has named Edward H. “Jed” Burtt Jr. of Ohio Wesleyan University as the 2011 Ohio Professor of the Year. The two prestigious higher education organizations bestow the award “to honor the most outstanding undergraduate instructors in the country – those who excel as teachers and influence the lives and careers of their students.”

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