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Numerous bird-related regulations appear to be extinct
Jul 25 2017  

It is no secret that the current U.S. administration has great disdain for regulations. It now looks as though several bird-related regulations - including some that would have affected ornithological research - are now on the scrap heap. Gone are pending regulations on CITES, Migratory Bird Treaty Act, Animal Welfare Act. The bird banding regulatory revisions have been consigned to the long-term action list. Updates to the Wild Bird Conservation Act are still moving forward, as are regulations updating import and export procedures and an increase in permit and other fees.

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Arctic-Nesting Birds May Struggle with Changing Climate
Mar 11 2016  

Warming in the Arctic may not be beneficial for songbird nestlings as it will also bring wetter and more variable conditions.

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New species identified (Rasmussen does it again!)
Jan 21 2016  A new species of bird has been discovered in northeastern India and adjacent parts of China by a team of scientists from Sweden, China, the U.S., India and Russia. The bird, described in the current issue of the journal Avian Research, has been named Himalayan forest thrush Zoothera salimalii.

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AFO's Skutch Medal awarded to Jim Wiley
Jul 10 2014  The Association of Field Ornithologists Alexander F. Skutch Award for Excellence in Neotropical Ornithology is awarded periodically to a deserving ornithologist nominated by peers and selected by the Skutch Medal committee of the AFO. This year the award was presented to James W. Wiley.

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Working with Birds
Jul 30 2012  Beaty Biodiversity Museum Honorary Assistant Curator Ildiko Szabo presents a how-to guide for novices needing instruction on how to prepare spread wings, avian round study skins, skeletons, and collect tissue DNA samples. The downloadable manual provides step-by-step instruction on how to prepare spread wings, avian round study skins, skeletons, and collect tissue DNA samples. This is the first comprehensive avian preparation manual web-published in colour photo-essay format. The series is designed to help novices who have never prepared a bird study skin and for people looking for a refresher course.