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  • Are you a concerned scientist? Read this ASAP (deadline 9/26)

    World Scientists' Warning to Humanity: A Second Notice


    If you are a scientist from any scientific discipline (e.g. ecology, medicine, economics, etc.), and are concerned about global environmental and climate trends, we invite you to become a co-signatory for our in-press Viewpoint article in the journal Bioscience entitled “World Scientists’ Warning to Humanity: a second notice” by Ripple et. al. (2017). In doing so, you will be included in the full list of co-signatories in the article’s online supplemental material.


    Over 13,000 scientists have signed the letter. If you'd like to add your name, be sure to do by 9/26.

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  • That time of year again: The Annual Ornithological Council Pledge Break

    What is the Ornithological Council and why should you support it?


    The Ornithological Council is a great resource for ornithologists. We help researchers navigate the permit maze, address animal welfare concerns, publish the peer-reviewed Guidelines to the Use of Wild Birds in Research. The Ornithological Council is the voice of scientific ornithology. Learn more here!


    When you join a society or renew your OSNA membership via Membersuite (2018 registration begins October 9), please remember the OC. Visit the donations page to make a contribution.

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  • Numerous bird-related regulations appear to be extinct

    By Ornithological Council

    It is no secret that the current U.S. administration has great disdain for regulations. It now looks as though several bird-related regulations - including some that would have affected ornithological research - are now on the scrap heap. Gone are pending regulations on CITES, Migratory Bird Treaty Act, Animal Welfare Act. The bird banding regulatory revisions have been consigned to the long-term action list. Updates to the Wild Bird Conservation Act are still moving forward, as are regulations updating import and export procedures and an increase in permit and other fees.

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  • Thinking of using geolocators? Read this first.

    By Ornithological Council

    Those planning to use geolocators on songbirds should take note of this critical new research.

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